Huron Symphony Orchestra

Making music since 1956.

Guide for Musicians

This information is for persons who play with the Huron Symphony.  Please read this information and direct any questions you might have to any HSO Board member who plays in the orchestra.  For the 2013-2014 season, the members who play in the orchestra are Beth Neitzert, Pat Erickson, Liz Soladay, and Mary Wipf.

The HSO is a community symphony in its best sense.  Orchestra members are drawn from Huron and surrounding communities.  In addition, the orchestra is supplemented on concert days by musicians from Mitchell, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Watertown, Wessington Springs, Brookings, and other locations.


The HSO welcomes and encourages new participants.  Contact us if you are interested in playing with the symphony.


The HSO’s regular rehearsal schedule is Monday evenings, 7:00-9:15 p.m. in the Huron Fine Arts Center Auditorium (939 Ohio Ave SW).  If we are unable to rehearse at the FAC, rehearsal will be held in the Huron High School Band Room (801 18th St SW).  As we have a limited number of rehearsals, members should make the commitment to attend all rehearsals.  Wind players need to be at rehearsals as their parts are solos.  If they know they are going to be absent from a number of rehearsals, we need to make arrangements with an import player to perform with the group.

Any musician will be ineligible to perform in a concert if he or she misses more than two rehearsals unless the director approves the absences.

Dress rehearsals are held the date of the concert.  For Saturday evening concerts, the dress rehearsal is scheduled for 2:00-4:00 pm, with the concert at 7:30 pm.  For concerts on other days, the conductor will announce the dress rehearsal and concert schedule well in advance.

In the event a rehearsal is canceled due to bad weather, each member is required to utilize the Calling Tree.  An email announcing the cancellation will also be sent.  You may also contact Beth Neitzert or Robert Vodnoy if you have any questions.


Concert attire is all black clothing.  During the concert, players should not bring purses or other personal articles to their seat with them.  Doing so presents an unattractive look to the audience.  Players should not place music on the floor of the performing area during the concert.  If extra sheets of music are not to be used, they should be left off stage.


The HSO uses music which it owns but rents music occasionally for a concert.  Therefore, it is vital that those persons who have original copies of music return that music immediately after the concert.  Please leave all music, including photocopies, on your stand after the concert and it will be collected and sorted.


Local players (those who attend Monday night rehearsals) are not paid.  However, those who drive in from outside of the city limits may be reimbursed for their mileage at $.35 per mile, up to a maximum of $150.00 per concert.

Import players are paid $45.00 per concert and are also reimbursed for mileage at the $.35 per mile rate, up to the $150.00 limit per concert.  Players are only paid mileage if they have actually driven their own vehicle to Huron.  Imports will only be paid if traveling in a 125 mile radius of Huron.  The HSO Board requires notification of any musicians traveling further distances so as to limit large mileage fees.

Both local and import players are encouraged to car pool in order to help the HSO keep mileage costs as low as possible.

A form will be made available to all musicians prior to each dress rehearsal so that mileage can be reported.  This form should be handed in at the rehearsal break so that the checks may be prepared.  Checks will be available immediately following the concert.


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